"I have been playing guitar on and off for nearly 2 years, trying to learn from books and video clips from the internet but I was not really improving. I decided to have lessons and was lucky enough to find Will. Will is an excellent teacher and has provided me with a more structured approach with my guitar playing; in the short time that I have been under his guidance, I have noticed an improvement in my strumming and fingering. I still have problems with my timing but this is getting better with Will’s help! What is great about Will is his patience; he has a patience of a saint teaching me! The learning environment is relaxed but Will does challenge you, which helps you with your development. I have started to learn some of my favourite songs with Will. Will breaks the songs down into sections, which makes it easier to learn; he also provides a link from his own website to your own individual page, which includes backing tracks and other exercises for you to practice along to."

M. Lo. Tadley