"Will has been teaching our 10 year old son for over a year now, and his progress has been startling when compared to his previous guitar lessons at school. Our son now loves his guitar lessons and Will strikes a great balance between teaching and keeping the lessons fun. Our son is able to choose his own songs to learn, in addition to those chosen by Will, and this approach works really well. Will invited us to join one of our son's lessons and it was great to see Will's professionalism in action whilst patiently teaching a difficult chord sequence.

Will is passionate about his subject and this enthusiasm has clearly transferred during the teaching process. The time and effort that Will puts in outside lesson times is also impressive, as each of his students has a dedicated web page for their study material, including customised backing tracks that Will creates himself in his home studio. This allows our son to play along at home and has proved invaluable for practicing. Some of these tracks have been completely unknown to Will previously, yet a few days later we will get an email to say that he has uploaded the backing track onto our son's web page.

Will has not just helped our son attain an ever increasing level of competency on the guitar, he has also passed on his enthusiasm for playing."

R.Kay. Oakley